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Adrienne Gagnon - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerAdrienne Gagnon

Adrienne Gagnon is a Content Management Editor at FCC, where she ensures that employee-facing information meets employees’ needs and helps them do their jobs. She completed an Editing Certificate through Simon Fraser University.

Twitter: @adriennegagnon






Alana Chalmers - Editors Canada Annual Conference 2020 SpeakerAlana Chalmers

Alana Chalmers is an editor, translator and information designer. She works as an editorial consultant at Bell Canada and has worked on a random collection of projects from standardizing offer language to designing screens for a diagnostic app.

Twitter: @chalmers_alana





amy schneider International conference speaker 2020 Editors CanadaAmy J. Schneider

Amy J. Schneider (www.featherschneider.com), a freelance copyeditor of textbooks, trade nonfiction, and best-selling fiction since 1995, has created articles and sessions on editorial topics for Copyediting, An American Editor, EFA, ACES, Northwest Editors Guild, Editors Canada, and SfEP Toronto.

Twitter: @amyjschn




Annie Desnoyers - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerAnnie Desnoyers

Annie Desnoyers est linguiste et cofondatrice du Groupe québécois pour la modernisation de la norme du français. Polyglotte, elle cumule 25 ans d’expérience, dont 15 dans le monde universitaire à la création, coordination ou direction d’activités linguistiques ou de rayonnement de la francophonie. Sa carrière a pour but l’accès au français, à la diversité linguistique et à l’écrit.





Carla White - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerCarla White

Carla White started out as a freelance writer in 2008, moved to in-house editing in 2012, and since 2018, has been the Assistant Manager of Communications and Events at the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) where she oversees the production of OUAC communications.

Twitter: @carla_dubbs




Chantal Contant - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerChantal Contant

Spécialiste des rectifications orthographiques dans la francophonie, Mme Contant a publié le guide Connaitre et maitriser la nouvelle orthographe et le Grand vadémécum de l’orthographe moderne recommandée (liste des mots touchés). Linguiste grammairienne membre du CILF, elle a collaboré à la programmation du correcteur Antidote et au dictionnaire Usito, et révisé le Bescherelle L’art de conjuguer.





Christine LeBlanc - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerChristine LeBlanc

Christine LeBlanc started Dossier Communications in 2005 and specializes in integrated marketing strategies for non-profit groups. She has a degree in journalism and a professional certificate in marketing. Christine was co-chair of the 2012 Editors Canada Conference, which broke attendance records.

Twitter: @DossierCom




Daniel Heuman - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerDaniel Heuman

Daniel Heuman is the CEO and founder of Intelligent Editing. He developed PerfectIt, used by thousands of professional editors around the world. He has spoken at the Society for Editors and Proofreaders, Editors Canada, SENSE, the Editorial Freelancers Association and many others.

Twitter: @intelligentedit




Dick Margulis - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerDick Margulis

Dick Margulis has decades of experience in both editing and typography. In 2004 he started his business producing high-quality books for authors who publish independently.







Dominique Thomas - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerDominique Thomas

Dominique Thomas est réviseure agréée, traductrice agréée et rédactrice. À son compte depuis 2015 sous le nom de La Langagière, elle a mis le pied dans le monde du réseautage dès le début de sa carrière et ne l'a plus jamais quitté. Elle préside depuis 2017 un groupe de réseautage et est active dans sa communauté, ce qui lui permet de conserver un carnet de commandes toujours bien rempli.

Twitter: @lalangagiere




Ellen Michelle - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerEllen Michelle

Ellen Michelle is an editor and researcher specializing in speculative fiction, with a particular interest in Canadian small-press publishing. Ellen is a graduate of the Master of Publishing and Editing Certificate programs at Simon Fraser University.

Twitter: @ellen_mic





Emily Stewart - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerEmily Stewart

Emily Stewart followed a love of reading into two different publishing programs. After a brief foray into television, she began freelancing as a writer, editor, and publishing assistant. Based in Ottawa, she has also been known to dabble in illustration and other arts and crafts.

Twitter: @emstewart041





Erin Brenner - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerErin Brenner

Erin Brenner has been a publishing professional for two decades, specializing in digital publications and business copy. She has trained communications professionals through such editing organizations as Editors Canada, as well as through certificate programs and for private companies. She has won awards for copywriting and is an Advanced Professional Member of the Society for Editors & Proofreaders. Find her on LinkedIn and Twitter.





Helen Eby - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerHelen Eby

Helen Eby is an ATA-certified Spanish translator. Editing is the last step of translation, and she is an active editor of Spanish translated texts. She teaches translation and Spanish writing and is the founding President of the Spanish Editors Association.

Twitter: @ebygaucha





Holly Munn

Holly Munn is an editor, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning researcher, and Adjunct Professor with the School of Law and Business Communications at the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business exploring the role of written communication in transforming people and organizations.

Twitter: @hollymunn

Iva Cheung - Editors Canada Annual Conference 2020 SpeakerIva Cheung

Iva Cheung is a Certified Professional Editor and a winner of the Tom Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence, President’s Award for Volunteer Service, and Karen Virag Award. She’s a staunch advocate for plain language, communication accessibility, and evidence-informed everything—including editing.

Twitter: @IvaCheung




Jaqueline Dinsmore - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerJacqueline Dinsmore

Jacqueline Dinsmore has spent the past 25 years as the main Anglophone in a variety of French-speaking environments, giving her extensive experience editing, translating, adapting and writing a variety of texts. She specializes in revising English translations so they flow like originals.






James Harbeck - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerJames Harbeck

James Harbeck has been editing for 20 years. He has an MA in linguistics and a PhD in theatre. His articles on language have been published on sites such as The Week, BBC.com, and Slate, as well as his blog, Sesquiotica. He is a perennial presenter at the Editors Canada and ACES conventions.

Twitter: @sesquiotic





Jeni Lewington - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerJeni Lewington

Jeni Lewington lives in Brisbane, Australia, and was an anthropologist and government librarian before a change in work [read redundancy] led her to pursue editing, a career move that she loves.

Twitter: @theeditingedge





Jess Shulman - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerJess Shulman

After 17 years in marketing/communications, Jess went freelance in 2016. She now edits fiction, non-fiction, textbooks, corporate materials and more. A CPE, she co-chairs the Editors Canada Certification Steering Committee. She worked hard to prepare for her certification exams, and you should too!

Twitter: @JessShulman





Johanna Stansfield - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerJohanna Bussell Stansfield

Johanna began as a translator but quickly found she enjoyed tweaking as much as translating. She’s been editing for 5 years, first at the World Meteorological Organization in Geneva and now at the United Nations in New York. She’s a McGill alumna with a Masters in translation from Geneva University.






Joseph Kimble - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerJoseph Kimble

Joseph Kimble is an emeritus professor at WMU–Cooley Law School. He has written three books and edited a legal journal for 15 years, a Michigan Bar Journal column for 30 years, and a Judicature column for 3 years.

Twitter: @ProfJoeKimble





Julie Morin - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerJulie Morin 

Julie Morin est conseillère en communications pour le Portail linguistique. Diplômée de l'Université de Sherbrooke en communication, Julie compte plus de douze ans d'expérience dans le domaine. Réviseure agréée depuis 2016, elle transmet sa passion des langues officielles à divers auditoires et maîtrise les outils d'aide à la rédaction comme nul autre! Préparez vos questions!

Twitter: @Julie2M




Julie Pigeon - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerJulie Pigeon

Traductrice et réviseure professionnelle d’expérience, Julie Pigeon se spécialise dans les jeux vidéo. Son projet de maîtrise porte sur les bonnes pratiques en matière de localisation des jeux vidéo pour le marché franco-canadien. Citoyenne engagée, elle se passionne pour la grammaire, la francisation, l’évolution de la langue et la terminologie vidéoludique.






Karin Horler - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerKarin Horler

Karin Horler has more than 16 years of experience as a freelance editor and proofreader, specializing in academic, medical, and association publishing. Previously, she worked at Cambridge University Press. She is the author of the Editorial Freelancers Association booklet Google Docs for Editors.

Twitter: @kpheditorial




Kathe Lieber - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerKathe Lieber

Kathe Lieber is a writer, editor and French-to-English translator based in Montreal. She has been freelancing for over 30 years and enjoys working with universities, foundations, associations, and research centres. She also translates and edits recipes and food blogs.






Leonie Pipe - Editors Canada Annual Conference 2020 SpeakerLeonie Zandra Pipe

Leonie is an academic editor with seven years of formal experience. She has done both private jobs and outsourced work during that period.






Leslie Saffrey - Editors Canada Annual Conference 2020 SpeakerLeslie Saffrey

Leslie Saffrey is a freelance Certified Professional Editor based in Toronto and the owner of Aptitude Editorial Services. She edits and proofreads non-fiction books, articles, and reports for clients in Canada and around the world.

Twitter: @AptitudeEdit





Letitia HenvilleLetitia Henville

Letitia Henville, PhD, is a freelance editor of academic research articles and funding applications. She is a former winner of the Editors Canada Claudette Upton Scholarship (2018) and the writer of the column "Ask Dr. Editor," published monthly by University Affairs. Her website is shortishard.ca.

Twitter: @lertitia





Lila Haile - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerLila Haile

Lila Haile has been an editor for 8 years. She was a manuscript editor for the Journal of the American Medical Association for 5 years. After moving to Canada last year, she now works for the Medical Council of Canada.







Lori Paximadis - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerLori Paximadis

Lori Paximadis has spent more than half of her 29-year publishing career as a successful full-time freelancer. She teaches other solo business owners how to operate efficiently. Her book Systems and Shortcuts for Solo Business Owners will be published in 2020, and her website is loripax.com.

Twitter: @virtuallori



Lynn Slobogian - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerLynn Slobogian

Lynn Slobogian is a freelance editor and speaker who has developed and delivered dozens of interactive presentations to diverse audiences across Canada. She’s known for her relaxed and engaging presentation style. Lynn was co-chair of Editors Canada’s 2016 national conference in Vancouver.

Twitter: @LSlobogian




Lynne Riggs - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerLynne Riggs

A founding member of SWET, Lynne Riggs was coordinating editor of the Japan Style Sheet. She is chief editor and translator at the Center for Intercultural Communication, Tokyo. She was managing editor of Monumenta Nipponica for 12 years and has taught university courses in translation in Japan.





Mara Livingstone-McPhail - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerMara Livingstone-McPhail

Mara Livingstone-McPhail is a writer and editor, and translates between English and Scottish Gaelic. Her experience includes children’s books; mass-market, literary and historical fiction; crafts; theatre and drama; academic medical and social sciences; poetry; memoirs and translating a range of work from chic lit to government papers.






Marie Apaloo - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerMarie Apaloo

Marie is an In-House Editor with Scribendi with a background in ESL instruction and applied linguistics. Along with editing, she has an interest in English as a Lingua Franca and cross-linguistic effects.






Marie-Christine Payette - Editors Canada Annual Conference 2020 SpeakerMarie-Christine Payette

Marie-Christine Payette is an editor and English to French translator. Her services include French copy editing and proofreading and comparative editing, including work for Historica Canada in collaboration with the University of Ottawa. She has also taught both English as a second language and French as a second language.






Mark Allen - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerMark Allen

Mark Allen is an editor, consultant, and teacher with 30 years professional experience working with words. After a career on newspaper copy desks, he has spent the past 11 years as a freelance editor. He serves on the board of ACES: The Society for Editing.

Twitter: @EditorMark





Mary Rykov - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerMary Rykov

María (Mary) Helena Rykov is a recovering music therapist who freelances as a multi-genre writing mentor and proofreads for Pulp Literature. Mary served as project lead for Ethical Editing of Student Texts (Editors Canada, 2018). Her poetry collection, some conditions apply, launched May 2020.

Twitter: @MaryRykov





Meg Taylor

Meg Taylor edits art books and Asian literature in translation for publishers, curators, and scholars in the US, Canada, and Asia. Managing editor of Monkey Business: New Writing from Japan and academic coordinator for the Publishing Certificate, Ryerson University. Member of EC and SWET.


Melissa D Hellman - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerMelissa D. Hellman

Melissa D. Hellman is a refugee from chemistry lab. She started editing professionally in 1996, and shortly afterward began writing professionally. Since 2011, she has helped proposal clients win more than $6 million in grants. She has also taught university courses in chemistry and physics.






Michelle Lowery - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerMichelle Lowery

Michelle Lowery is a digital content editor specializing in high quality, optimized content that earns rankings, traffic and conversions. Michelle is the author of “Self-Editing for Indie Authors,” and is currently at work on her first cozy mystery novel. She lives in San Antonio, Texas.

Twitter: @MichelleDLowery





Michelle Waitzman - Editors Canada Annual Conference 2020 SpeakerMichelle Waitzman

Michelle Waitzman is a writer/editor who lived and worked in New Zealand for 7 years. For 4 years she helped market NZ as a destination for international students from Asia, India, Europe, the US, and other regions. She has freelanced for clients in Canada, the US, New Zealand, the UK, and Taiwan.





Mike Pope - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerMike Pope

Mike Pope has been a technical writer and editor in the software industry for over 30 years. He's worked at major companies like Microsoft and Amazon, and is currently a technical editor at Google.

Twitter: @mikepope





Miriam Gartenberg - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerMiriam Gartenberg

Miriam is an editor in the English Translation and Editing Section at the United Nations Secretariat in New York, fulfilling a lifelong dream. She was previously a Montreal-based, OTTIAQ-certified English translator and reviser with over 15 years of freelance and in-house experience.






Nancy Marriott - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerNancy Marriott

Nancy Marriott MA has been a co-author, editor, and coach for nonfiction books since 1996. Her books include Molecules of Emotion by Candace Pert and Own Yourself by Kelly Brogan. Nancy has worked with both Big 5 and DIY authors, and currently is cofounder of Editorial Arts Academy.






Nicole Watkins Campbell - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerNicole Watkins-Campbell

Nicole is a freelance editor and plain language consultant who advises organizations on clear and effective communication. She has created clear public information on laws, policy, and programs, including online and print public legal information. She spoke on plain language at Editors 2019.

Twitter: @nicolewcamp




Pascale Campeau - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerPascale Campeau 

Pascale Campeau a enseigné le français au secondaire plus d'une quinzaine d'années. Passionnée de pédagogie et de technologie, elle est conquise par l'efficacité du logiciel Antidote, dont elle a poussé davantage l'utilisation en classe. Plus que jamais convaincue qu'Antidote peut révolutionner la tâche d'écriture, elle propage la bonne nouvelle maintenant qu'elle est formatrice chez Druide.





Peter Midgley

Peter Midgley is a writer and editor from Edmonton. His latest book book is let us not think of them as barbarians. He is a past recipient of the Tom Fairley Award and of the Lois Hole Award for Editorial Excellence.


Rhonda Kronyk conference speaker Editors Canada 2020Rhonda Kronyk

Rhonda is a settler/Dene research, editing and grant consultant who works with under-represented communities and the Indigenous Editors’ Association. As editor of Write, the Writers Union of Canada magazine, approaches her work from a culturally aware perspective to ensure all voices are represented.

Twitter: @RhondaKronyk





Rica Night - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerRica Night

Riça Night, a seasoned freelance copyeditor and proofreader, built her business without ever making a cold call or sending an unsolicited resumé--almost entirely by networking. She's also a popular seminar instructor and the lead singer in a band. Yet she was once so shy, her nickname was Mouse.




Robin Marwick - Editors Canada Annual Conference 2019 SpeakerRobin Marwick

Robin Marwick has been a medical writer and editor specializing in patient communication for over 20 years. She read the data visualization classic How to Lie with Statistics at an impressionable age, and has been on the lookout for bad graphs and dodgy data ever since.





Ruth E. Thaler-Carter - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerRuth E. Thaler-Carter

Ruth E. Thaler-Carter started out as a writer and evolved into a successful editor and proofreader as well, with editing clients such as magazines, books, not-for-profit organizations, associations, law and public relations firms, businesses, policy and education institutions, and individuals.

Twitter: @WriterRuth





Sagan Morrow - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerSagan Morrow

Sagan Morrow is a romance novelist and hosts the Indie Author Weekly podcast. She has a decade of experience as a freelance writer and editor, and teaches productivity tips and action-oriented strategic planning—without the overwhelm—to solopreneurs through her online courses at SaganMorrow.com.

Twitter: @Saganlives





Sangeeta Mehta - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerSangeeta Mehta

Sangeeta Mehta was an acquiring editor at Little, Brown and Simon & Schuster before founding her own editorial services company. She runs the Editorial Freelancers Association’s Diversity Initiative and is a board member of The Word, a nonprofit working to create more inclusivity in publishing.

Twitter: @sangeeta_editor





Sara Goodchild - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerSara Goodchild

Sara Goodchild has been solving puzzles for most of her life, and has been constructing puzzles seriously for the past three years. As a developmental editor in K–12 science with two decades of experience, Sara has been interested in noticing how puzzle construction overlaps with editing practices.

Twitter: @sarathegood





Sara Kitaoji - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerSara Kitaoji

Sara Kitaoji is a Japanese–English translator and academic editor. She works with clients from diverse disciplines and backgrounds. With a doctorate in translation/linguistics and teaching experience in Japanese and English, she also edits language textbooks. Member of IPEd, SfEP, SWET, and JAT.

Twitter: @SaraKitaoji




Suzanne Bowness - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerSuzanne Bowness

Suzanne (Sue) Bowness is a Toronto-based writer/editor and principal of content creation and consulting firm CodeWord Communications (www.codeword.ca). She also holds a PhD in English and is a part-time writing professor at Humber College. She started her own mastermind group a few years ago.

Twitter: @codeword





Véronique Léger - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerVéronique Léger

Chargée de cours à l'Université de Montréal à la Faculté des sciences de l'éducation et à la Faculté d'éducation permanente, Véronique Léger est surtout formatrice en français écrit. C'est en allant sur tous les terrains que l'on peut juger des besoins et être efficace. Elle édite son matériel grammatical aux éditions Galéace inc.

Twitter: @vleger1





Vicky Bell - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerVicky Bell

Vicky’s editing career began when she won a $5 gift voucher in a spelling bee, at the age of 8. After freelancing for clients ranging from fiction writers to textbook publishers, she settled into a full-time role as a copy-editor for a medical journal. She’s a CPE and co-chair of the Editors Canada Certification Steering Committee.

Twitter: @BellLettres





Virginia St-Denis - Editors Canada International Conference 2020 SpeakerVirginia St-Denis

Virginia St-Denis recently started her freelance business after more than 25 years working in publishing—writing, editing, photographing, desktop publishing and managing newspapers, magazines, newsletters, journals and websites. She has a journalism diploma and a social media certificate.

Twitter: @VStDenisPublish