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Documentation des ateliers

Tous les documents des ateliers de 2017 se trouvent sur Dropbox. Merci à tous les animateurs et participants!

Télécharger les documents du congrès 2017

Liste des documents offerts

Speed Networking - Elizabeth Macfie

The Nuts and Bolts of Editing Fiction - Amy J. Schneider

The Art of the Query - Ruth Wilson

Blue Pencils Meet Pointy Heads: Editing the Experts - Lorie Boucher

Using Checklists for Effective and Efficient Copyediting and Proofreading - Leslie Saffrey

Sortie de zone de confort : Stratégies de valorisation pour langagiers professionnels - Dominique Bohbot

Editing for Plain Language, Levelled Reading, and Various Reader Profiles: A Scenario Approach - Laura Edlund

Editing Certified: Preparing for the Editors Canada Certification Exams - Anne Brennan, Wendy Carroll, and Jeanne McKane

Editing for Accessibility - Iva Cheung

How to Give Presentations and Speeches - James Harbeck

Introduction to Medical Copy Editing - Kristine Thornley

How to Make Social Media Work for You - Sue Archer, Robin Marwick, and Brendan O'Brien

The Great "That and Which" Hunt - Frances Peck

They Also Serve who Stand and Edit - John McIntyre

Freelance Editing: The Top 10 Things I Wish I Had Known - Elizabeth d'Anjou

When to Break the Rules: Leaving the Style Guide Behind - Jenny Lass

Keep it Simple, Scientists - Leonie Pipe