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Ateliers pré-congrès

ACR Congrés 2011

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Ateliers pré-congrès

Présentés par la section C.-B. de l’ACR

Aimeriez-vous bonifier votre expérience du congrès? La section C.-B. de l’ACR offre une intéressante brochette d’ateliers pré-congrès le vendredi 27 mai.

Les ateliers pré-congrès son payables séparément, et le coût n’est pas inclus dans les frais d’inscription au congrès. Vous n’avez pas besoin d’être membre pour vous inscrire aux ateliers du vendredi. Toutefois, les membres de l’ACR, la SCI et la PEAVI bénéficient de tarifs réduits.

Pour vous inscrire à un atelier pré-congrès, cliquez ici.

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Workshop:    Grammar Boot Camp

Frances Peck

Presenter:    Frances Peck
Day/Date:      Friday, May 27
Time:             9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Room:            TBA
Cost:              $75 (EAC/ISC/PEAVI members)
                        $115 (non-members)
Note:              Coffee, tea and muffins served at the start of the workshop

About the workshop:

Grammar by instinct—we’re all guilty. Good instincts can get us far, but they can also lead us into traps if we’re not careful. This half-day session will run through the top 10 grammar and punctuation errors in published material, meaning they’ve made it past the sharp eyes of editors and proofreaders. Using a host of real-life examples, we’ll discuss (and practise) how to spot the top gaffes and banish them from publications.

About the presenter:

Frances Peck, a partner with West Coast Editorial Associates, is an editing instructor at Douglas College and Simon Fraser University and teaches popular workshops for editors, writers, and translators across Canada. She co-authored the HyperGrammar website and in 2010 published Peck’s English Pointers, an e-book of articles and quizzes available on the Language Portal of Canada.

Workshop:    Networking for Editors: Who We Are and What We Do

Andrew Tzembelicos

Presenter:     Andrew Tzembelicos
Day/Date:        Friday, May 27
Time:               9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Room:             TBA
Cost:               $75 (EAC/ISC/PEAVI members)
                         $115 (non-members)
Note:               Coffee, tea and muffins served at the start of the workshop

About the workshop:

Editors are frequently misunderstood, both in terms of who we are and what we do. Networking can help demystify our world and our work, helping others understand why editing and editors matter. Whether you’re looking for new business or working with existing clients, networking is the key. This informative and wide-ranging session touches on some networking basics, asks participants to engage in some practical exercises to flex their networking muscles, and offers a quick overview of LinkedIn, a social media tool all editors should be dialed into. 
Coffee, tea and muffins served at the start of the session.

About the presenter:

An accomplished communications professional with 13+ years' experience, Andrew Tzembelicos has enjoyed a unique career that includes writing for a former prime minister and managing editorial services for an Olympic and Paralympic Games. Today, he is chief wordsmith, principal and founder of WERDNA Communications, based in Vancouver, BC.

Special Workshop:     Bidding on Government Contracts Through EAC’s Contract Collective

Presenters:       Members of EAC’s national executive council
Day/Date:            Friday, May 27
Time:                   9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Room:                  TBA
Cost:                    Free
Note:                    For EAC members only
                              Refreshments not included

About the workshop:

EAC Contract Collective members have bid on and landed contracts with federal and provincial governments since 2009. Find out how the collective operates and how to be involved, how to read and respond to government RFPs and RFSOs, and how to follow up as a vendor of record to elicit work orders and call-ups. The session includes a review of the Contract Collective guidelines, the anatomy of a government RFP / RFSO and effective proposal design.

This free workshop is for EAC members only.

About the presenters:

For 10 years, Peter Moskos was a partner in an Ottawa communications company where he wrote and managed hundreds of proposals to federal clients. Now based in Vancouver, Peter teaches an online course on government reports for Ryerson University and takes on occasional
writing and editing contracts.

Greg Ioannou, a freelancer since 1977, was a founding member of (F)EAC and has held many positions on the executive, including president twice and treasurer six times. Greg owns the writing and editing company Colborne Communications.

Carolyn Burke, EAC’s executive director, is a successful serial entrepreneur. She advises corporate and NGO clients on organizational improvement and strategic long-term growth, focusing on financial success and leadership. Carolyn is also presenting an EAC session at the conference called Business acumen: Earn more. Work less.

Workshop:    Broadly Speaking

The Book Broads

Presenters:     The Book Broads
Day/Date:          Friday, May 27
Time:                 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Room:               TBA
Cost:                 $125 (EAC/ISC/PEAVI members)
                           $160 (non-members)
Note:                 Coffee, tea and muffins served at the start of the workshop
                           One hour break for lunch (lunch not included)

About the workshop:

Part technical class, part strategy lecture, and part Q&A session, Broadly Speaking will help to broaden your vision of what you can offer as an editor, strategist, and co-creator of content for blogs, social media, and podcasting.

About the presenters:

The Book Broads are Angela Crocker, Kim Plumley and Peggy Richardson, three sassy chicks who know books, words, social media and podcasting. They connect creators with their inner content.

Workshop:    Make Your Editing Business More Profitable

Cerina Wheatland

Presenter:    Cerina Wheatland
Day/Date:       Friday, May 27
Time:              1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Room:            TBA
Cost:              $75 (EAC/ISC/PEAVI members)
                        $115 (non-members)
Note:              Coffee, tea and muffins served at the start of the workshop

About the workshop:

Interested in taking your business to the next level? Explore tips and strategies to manage your business more effectively, including how to market yourself, increase your sales and improve your profitability. Learn how to better position your business—and yourself—to survive and thrive in the writing and editing industry.

About the presenter:

Cerina Wheatland is an engaging business advisor, writer, speaker and editor who guides entrepreneurs through the exciting and challenging process of creating, growing and succeeding in their business. Her website is www.cerinawheatland.com or follow her @cerinawheatland.

Workshop:    Online Editing, Social Media, and How to Avoid Selling Your Soul in Age 2.0

Karen Pinchin

Presenter:      Karen Pinchin
Day/Date:        Friday, May 27
Time:               1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Room:             TBA
Cost:               $75 (EAC/ISC/PEAVI members)
                         $115 (non-members)
Note:               Coffee, tea and muffins served at the start of the workshop

About the workshop:

As if editors weren’t already busy enough, now they’re being asked to upload stories directly to the Web, use Creative Commons when in-house images aren’t available, and turn on the edge of the knife to keep up with online news (all the while, Tweeting as they go.)

Karen Pinchin, editor of OpenFile Vancouver, will share her experiences working online as part of a collaborative community-based news start-up, including shortcuts and tips on dealing with off-site freelancers, building a cohesive Web community that can do the work for you, and keeping your head clear while making ends meet. An overview of new online editing, social media and communications tools will be provided, as will solutions to common online conundrums.

About the presenter:

Karen Pinchin has worked as a reporter, researcher and editor, both in print and online, for Maclean’s, The Canadian Press and Newsweek International. Currently the city editor of OpenFile Vancouver, Karen is on the vanguard of old media methods used in a Web 2.0 world. With as much interest in ethics and fact-checking as in Twitter and Facebook, she still occasionally freelances for publications including The Walrus.

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