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Ricki Ewings, BA, TT, Children's Picture Storybook Editor



Children's Picture Storybook Editor

If you're looking for an enthusiastic, highly experienced, reasonably priced children's picture storybook editor, please consider me. I've worked for Tradewind Books (an award-winning international publisher of children's books), Edgewood Centre Publishing, numerous small, independent publishers, and for both published and independent writers of fiction for children. Books I've edited have won or been shortlisted for such awards as Amazon's Number One New Release in Language Teaching Arts Materials, the Vancouver Book Award, the Red Cedar Award, the Chocolate Lily Award, the Christie Harris Illustrated Children’s Literature Prize, the CBC Book Prizes, the BC Readers' Choice Award, the Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Illustrator's Award, the Best of Resource Links, the Rocky Mountain Book Award, the Alberta Children’s Choice Award, the Steller Award, the BC Teen Reader's Choice Award, the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Book of the Year Award, the OLA Silver Birch Award, the Diamond Willow Award, and the Saskatchewan Reader's Choice Award. I offer an outstanding knowledge of grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation, editing conventions, Chicago style, and best practices in writing children's fiction. I pay close attention to detail in both text and images to ensure that your manuscript is error-free. You will find me patient, conscientious, supportive, thorough, and enthusiastic. I can probably edit your picture storybook of fewer than 850 words for $250.00.

My education and training include a first-class BA degree in English and French literature (University of British Columbia), Teacher Training (University of British Columbia), Simon Fraser University coursework in editing, Langara College coursework in writing for children, and considerable professional development training through Editors Canada. 

Here is a partial list of children's books I've edited:

Skeletons' Dance, The, by Christina Blokland, self-published via Amazon, rated #1 New Release in Language Arts Teaching Materials, picture storybook

Telling Time, A, by Irene Watts, Tradewind Books, picture storybook

Abby’s Birds, by Ellen Schwartz, Tradewind Books, picture storybook

Alchemist’s Portrait, The, by Simon Rose, Tradewind Books, middle-grade novel

Angels Inc., by Bruce McBay, Tradewind Books, picture storybook

Baaad Animals, by Tiffany Stone, Tradewind Books, illustrated children's poetry

Bamboo, by Paul Yee, Tradewind Books, picture storybook

Bone Collector’s Son, The, by Paul Yee, Tradewind Books, middle-grade novel

Clone Conspiracy, The, by Simon Rose, Tradewind Books, middle-grade novel

Crocodiles Say, by Robert Heidbreder, Tradewind Books, picture storybook

Dasha Saves the Day, by Marja Perren, self-published, picture storybook

Disruption, by Steven Whibley, self-published, teen-to-young adult novel

Emerald Curse, The, by Simon Rose, Tradewind Books, middle-grade fiction

Floyd the Flamingo and His Flock of Friends, by Tiffany Stone, Tradewind Books, illustrated children's poetry

For Sure, For Sure, by Mus White, Tradewind Books, picture storybook 

Good-enough Kid, The, by Vanessa Canavero, Under My Umbrella Press

Gracie’s Secret, by Lorelie Rozzano, Edgewood Centre Publishing, picture storybook

Graveyard Hounds, The, by Vi Hughes, Tradewind Books, middle-grade fiction

Great Googlini, The, by Sara Cassidy, Orca Books, middle-grade fiction

Heretic’s Tomb, The, by Simon Rose, Tradewind Books, middle-grade fiction

Honey Cake, by Joan Stuchner, Tradewind Books, middle-grade fiction

How Long Stalk Became a Flower, by Kelly Shears, Bear and Bumble Publishing, illustrated picture storybook

I Want a Dragon, by Vanessa Canevaro, Under My Umbrella Press, illustrated picture storybook

Kale Is for Katelyn, by Maria Ramsey

Nannycatch Chronicles, The, by James Heneghan and Bruce McBay, Tradewind Books

Our Canadian Love Story, by Linnie von Rekowsky, Silk Web Publishing

Pool Theory, The, by Alexis Nazzaro, self-published young adult novel

Boyko and the Bore Hole, by Bev Rayner

Siena Summer, by Ann Chandler, Tradewind Books, tween fiction

Puzzle, by Naomi Terner, picture storybook

What Happened Last Summer, by Paul Yee, Tradewind Books, middle-grade short stories

Where Am I? by John Rogers, self-published, picture storybook

Zero the Super Hero, by Vanessa Canevaro, Under My Umbrella Press, picture storybook


"Top-notch editing."  Free World Authors

"If you're looking for an experienced, talented, and thorough editor for your next book, then look no further than Ricki Ewings. Ricki worked on several of my middle-grade novels and has recently been invaluable in helping me prepare the Children's Writer's Guide for publication. A pleasure to work with and a true professional."  Simon Rose, author of several children's books published by Tradewind Books

"I have to say your edits just rocked! I tried to have this manuscript perfect before you got it, and the things you caught and the suggestions you made for improvements were just perfect. I was smiling the whole way through."  Steve Whibley, author of Disruption and many other wonderful children's books

"Ricki is amazing, very thorough and supportive. Under My Umbrella Press is proud to have Ricki as our editor." Vanessa Canevaro, publisher, Under My Umbrella Press

"Ah, what a godsend you are. You think of everything plus some. It was a delight to have you edit for me." Carey Rudisill

Thanks for viewing my profile! I look forward to hearing from you.

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