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Patricia Robertson

Winnipeg, MB R3T 1C5
Experienced public speaker, available to talk to groups and associations about editors and editing.


I’ve worked as an editor and proofreader on everything from adult literary novels to history books and from aboriginal curriculum guides to government publications to health brochures for patients and families. My expertise is in structural editing and book coaching, along with stylistic and copy editing. As a published author of fiction and creative nonfiction, I bring my passion for language to every project, and I know what it feels like to entrust your work to an editor! My clients include established publishers, independent authors who are self-publishing, government departments and agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Authors tell me how much they appreciate my ability to help them shape and restructure their work and ask the right questions.

BA (Hons. English), Simon Fraser University; MA (English and Creative Writing), Boston University


Compétences éditoriales

  • Consultation et évaluation de manuscrit
  • Préparation de copie
  • Révision à l’écran
  • Correction d’épreuves
  • Réécriture
  • Révision de fond
  • Révision stylistique
  • Rédaction


  • Brochures
  • Ouvrages : général
  • Dépliants et brochures
  • Programmes-cadres
  • Documents pédagogiques : général
  • Romans
  • Publications gouvernementales : général
  • Manuels et ouvrages pratiques
  • Multimédia
  • Infolettres
  • Autres types de rapports
  • Guides de l’enseignant
  • Livres grand public
  • Sites Web


  • Autochtones
  • Arts
  • Écologie et environnement
  • Gouvernement
  • Santé
  • Arts, lettres et sciences humaines : général
  • Droit
  • Littérature
  • Médecines parallèles
  • Pédagogie
  • Psychologie et santé mentale
  • Sciences sociales