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Lenore Hietkamp

Heatherfield Editing

Shawnigan Lake, BC
Experienced public speaker, available to talk to groups and associations about editors and editing.


  • Finaliste du prix Tom-Fairley (2018)

Activités de bénévolat pour Réviseurs Canada

  • Publications (2014, 2015)


I am an editor, book designer, and creator of ebooks. I specialize in information technology, art history, and architectural history--and mystery novels. I love it when these subjects and all my skills come together in one manuscript, particularly in projects that I nurse from beginning to end (for self-publishing clients and occasionally for publishers). I bring passion, wisdom, and a great deal of patience to my work.

Read a selected list of contracts on the projects page of my website. I am the ongoing editor for Architectural Histories, an online academic journal. Other recent work includes the editing and production of The Embodied Violinist, by Gwen Thompson-Robinow (for which I was shortlisted for the EAC's editorial award in 2018); a multi-author volume on a 17th-century Jesuit philosopher (publication details to come); Measuring Programming Skill: Construction and Validation of an Instrument for Evaluating Java Developers, by Gunnar Rye Bergersen; 16 mystery novels; the Nordic Journal of Architecture; the 5 volumes of the Secret Beaches of Vancouver Island Series; and the major book on Paul Kane published by the Royal Ontario Museum.

I believe an editor must practice humility and compassion (which of course isn't recommended for a posting such as this!). It's not always easy, but it is always important.

I am based in Victoria, BC. I have an MA in art history. I pursued a PhD for seven years through the University of Washington (Seattle), specializing in architectural history. Having spent six years at a high-tech company, I have a sound understanding of many aspects of information technology; helping authors of high-tech material explain their work in plain language is a particular skill. I also edit for academic and trade publishers (University of Washington Press, Royal Ontario Museum, Danish Architectural Press) on complex academic publications, often books on art, architecture, and humanities subjects. I also work with TouchWood Editions and Heritage House, editing nonfiction--and mysteries! For two years (2016–2018) I was in-house at Heritage House Publishing, first as an editor and then as the editorial coordinator, so I am very familiar with the entire publishing process.

I excel at identifying patterns and problems in material written by authors whose first language is not English (EFL/ESL). I have studied Mandarin and Chinese history. In the work I do for the online journal Architectural Histories, I help academic authors publish articles to a high standard.

My first love is academic writing. I encourage my academic clients to explore the depths of their topic; a managing editor at the University of Washington Press calls this my "intelligent eye."  I have taught writing to college students for several years, and I also have intensive training in the multi-disciplinary field of art and architectural history. And I've done way too much reading when I could have been out playing....



Client testimonials

From mystery writer Phyllis Smallman, author the Sherri Travis series:

"You made Highball (Touchwood Editions, October 2012) a much better novel. The reviews have been very good and some of the credit for that is yours. With all the new writers who are self-publishing there is a huge need for competent editors and you're more than that. Thanks again and I look forward to working with you in the future." (December 2012)

From Gunnar R. Bergersen, Department of Informatics, University of Oslo:

"I learn so much about writing English when I read your comments and suggestions for improvement. The writing [of a PhD] can be frustrating, but it is enjoyable when I get good feedback from the clarity of the ideas from you (it really helps improve my thinking about the topic)." (Fall 2012)

From Mari Lending, Editor-in-Chief, Nordic Journal of Architecture:

"You have now fans all over in my Nordic environment. I am absolutely overwhelmed by your editing and forever grateful." (Fall 2012)

From the acknowledgement page in the mystery by Stephen Legault, The Vanishing Track (TouchWood, 2012):

"In particular, my thanks goes to Lenore Hietkamp, who was the copy editor for The Vanishing Track. You have my gratitude, and my sympathy." (2012)

Read Stephen Legault's blog about the editing process.

From Mari Hvattum, MArch PhD, Professor, Institute of Form, Theory and History, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design:

"Thank you so much for your incredible efforts for the second issue of Nordic Journal of Architecture. I’ve been really impressed with your readings – it is rare to find your particular combination of a light touch and a sharp eye!" (2012)

From Svava Riesto, PhD Cand. (Architectural history and urbanism), University of Copenhagen:

"Thank you again, it has been my pleasure to work with you; always efficient, creative, constructive and educational (words I learned while writing the acknowledgement, but indeed characteristic to this copy editing process :-) It's really helped me through this difficult period in the project." (Summer, 2011)

From Marilyn Trueblood, Managing Editor, University of Washington Press:

"[Here is] the manuscript on Chinese minorities. I am grateful that it will be in your good hands. You are so good at seeing the big picture and helping the overall argument." (January, 2008)


Diamond River Books is the publishing house my husband and I run (the website is under construction). We provide a full range of services for authors, from developmental editing all the way to book marketing. Our most recent project, The War in the Corner by Jan Braakman, has sold almost 500 copies as of January 1, 2013--fantastic in today's market.


Keywords: Information technology, software engineering, academic writing, mystery writing, novels, fiction, PhD dissertation, thesis, journal article, academic book



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