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Kathleen Fraser

Mississauga, ON L5G 2M6
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  • Agrément (2015)


I am an editor, proofreader, writer, project manager and communications specialist with more than 30 years’ experience in publishing, both freelance and in-house.

I am known for my meticulous work and for my ability to get along with almost anyone in order to get the job done. I can cut a manuscript in half without offending the author and critique a design without alienating the designer. I can also compose new copy, rewrite existing text, acquire photos and commission illustrations as needed.

I have honed my skills in making text clear, complete and consistent by editing and proofing many guidebooks, instructional books and books for children and young adults. I have edited material in many different formats and covering a wide range of subjects; I enjoy learning the specialized language and conventions that come with each new project.

I have taken enormous, complicated projects from conception to completion on time, on budget and without loss of blood.

I have a BA in English from Queen's University and a Certificate in Book Publishing from Ryerson. I was awarded the Marsh Jeanneret Memorial Award for outstanding achievement in the Book Publishing program at Ryerson. I believe in lifelong learning. I completed the Public Relations certificate at Ryerson in 2016. In recent years I have also taken Digital Publishing courses at George Brown, attended an EAC seminar all about SEO, and participated in the Editing Goes Global 2015 conference. 

My employers and clients have included Boston Mills Press (in-house from 1994 to 2009), Firefly Books, Kids Can Press, ECW Press, the Centre for International Governance Innovation, DBRS, Global Knowledge, FriesenPress, Prime Restaurants, University of Toronto Press, Harlequin Books and Marquee magazine as well as many private clients. 

I am a published author of two nonfiction books -- When I'm Gone: Practical Notes for Those You Leave Behind (more than 130,000 sold) and, with my teacher daughters, The 175 Best Camp Games: A Handbook for Leaders -- and a member of the Professional Writers Association of Canada, recently merged with the Canadian Freelance Guild.

I am also an enthusiastic reader and wannabe author of mystery novels and a member of the Crime Writers of Canada and Sisters in Crime. I had the pleasure of serving as a judge for the 2016 CWC Arthur Ellis Awards for Excellence in Canadian Crime Writing.

I am happy to provide more information and references upon request.

Compétences éditoriales

  • Acquisitions
  • Canadianisation
  • Consultation et évaluation de manuscrit
  • Préparation de copie
  • Coordination de projet
  • Mise en page et conception graphique
  • Balisage et codage
  • Révision à l’écran
  • Révision en ligne
  • Langage clair et simple
  • Coordination de la production
  • Correction d’épreuves
  • Recherche, vérification de données
  • Réécriture
  • Révision de fond
  • Révision stylistique
  • Adaptation Web
  • Rédaction


  • Articles et essais
  • Matériel publicitaire et de promotion
  • Atlas, cartes et plans
  • Bibliographies
  • Livres d’art et de photographie
  • Littérature jeunesse
  • Ouvrages : général
  • Développement personnel
  • Auto-édition
  • Dépliants et brochures
  • Documents d’affaires : général
  • Catalogues
  • Livres de cuisine
  • Correspondance
  • Documents pédagogiques : général
  • Romans
  • Romans à suspense
  • Guides
  • Publications internes
  • Index
  • Revues et magazines
  • Manuels et ouvrages pratiques
  • Infolettres
  • Périodiques : général
  • Photographies et illustrations
  • Politiques et procédures
  • Documents de relations publiques
  • Rapports annuels
  • Discours et allocutions
  • Manuels, collège et université
  • Manuels, école primaire et secondaire
  • Livres grand public
  • Sites Web


  • Autochtones
  • Afrique
  • Architecture
  • Arts
  • Biographies
  • Affaires
  • Canada
  • Cinéma
  • Pays en développement
  • Écologie et environnement
  • Économie, politique et droit : général
  • Énergies, mines et ressources naturelles
  • Divertissements
  • Finances et impôts
  • Aliments et boissons
  • Jardinage et horticulture
  • Gouvernement provincial
  • Artisanat
  • Soins de santé
  • Histoire
  • Histoire du Canada
  • Travail et emploi
  • Droit
  • Loisirs : général
  • Styles de vie
  • Littérature
  • Musique
  • Plein air
  • Société : général
  • Sports
  • Transports
  • Tourisme et voyages