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David Antrobus

Be Write There

33770 Darbyshire Drive
Mission, BC V2V 7E1
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Statement: Hands-on, personable, communicative, and diplomatic, I've transferred these and numerous other skills and traits from my previous career in the counselling field (working with abused and street youth) to that of freelance editing. As a writer too, I am able to meld a creative, intuitive approach with the more analytical and detail-oriented techniques of the editor.

Background: I was born and raised in the United Kingdom, have spent half my life in Canada, and considering the vast majority of my current clients are U.S. authors, I am comfortable switching between all three versions of English. In fact, I am continuously entranced by the differences. (You will note I am using Canadian English for this profile.)

Experience: As a freelance editor I have edited web copy for online businesses, academic papers, and material for non-profits, but predominantly I proofread, copy-edit, developmentally edit, and assess fiction manuscripts in numerous genres (including but not limited to: science fiction, fantasy, horror, dark fantasy, steampunk, crime, noir, international thriller, dystopian fiction, contemporary fiction, romance, children's fiction, and poetry).

Final thoughts: Communication is at the core of everything I believe in and do. It carried me through two demanding yet rewarding decades of work with abused and neglected children, and it continues to carry me through an editing career in which an insatiable curiosity drives me to keep learning new aspects of the language. In every sense of the word, everything comes down to…well, word.

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