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Barbara Kmieć

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Vancouver, BC V6G 1H3
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Activités de bénévolat pour Réviseurs Canada

  • Publications (2011)


Linking Author to Audience – My primary concern is to assist you in clearly conveying your ideas to your intended audience. I assume the role of one of your interested readers; my function is to let you know which parts of your work feel strong and which may benefit from revision in order to more effectively engage or persuade me as reader. As a writer myself (primarily of poetry, short fiction, and short non-fiction), I have a keen interest in words, language, and ideas. In this sense, I draw upon my own writing skills to help me tune into the rhythm and intent of your work. At the same time, I wish to assist you in expressing yourself in your unique voice.

Thorough and passionate about the work I do, I offer professional, tactful, and confidential services focussing on the fine details of punctuation, spelling, usage, capitalization, and formatting, etcetera. I also advise on issues of style, consistency, and clarity; layout and design; and the flow and content of a work as a whole.

With my wide range of interests, I am open to considering all editing projects. I would be delighted to hear from you!

My completed projects include the following:

  • Stylistic and copy edit of Barbara Murray's futuristic novelThe Fabric of the Earth, Volume One, Week One - P.E.A.C.E. on Earth
  • Stylistic and copy edit of Marc Bauer's male "coming of age/adventure" novelAlternative Energy ~ https://epodcastnetwork.com/alternative-energy-a-life-in-the-oil-industr...     https://www.amazon.ca/Alternative-Energy-Marc-Bauer/dp/1770678727
  • Comprehensive edit of a book-length poetry manuscript: These Are All True Stories, by Justine Goodchild ~ Contact JustineGoodchild@hotmail.com
  • Comprehensive edit (from early draft to completed design proof) of an epistolary personal memoirOne Step Beyond - A Mother and Daughter's Journey Through Illness, by Allison Kelba ~ https://allisonkelba.ca/
  • Structural / substantive review of a mixed-genre, book-length manuscript containing creative non-fiction stories, short fictional tales, a range of short prose pieces, and poetry.
  • Copy / stylistic editing numerous lengthy academic manuscripts (Master's and PhD level) to meet APA style guidelines requirements;
  • Comprehensive edit of an Indigenous author's illustrated children's teaching story.
  • Comprehensive edit of an illustrated children's story about a young girl who learns about astronomy while travelling into Outer Space (includes short glossary of astronomical terms): Luisa and the Star Thief, by Geraldine Santiago ~ https://www.amazon.ca/Luisa-Star-Thief-Geraldine-Santiago/dp/0228501016 
  • Stylistic and copy editing of a short healing arts booklet;
  • Comprehensive edits to professional practice statements (for a life coach / healing arts practitioner);
  • Comprehensive edits to a singing workshop brochure (for an opera / singing instructor);
  • Stylistic and copy edit of a creative non-fiction story;
  • Copy editing, rewriting, and drafting (ghost-writing) noteworthy personal correspondence;
  • Redesigning professional résumés / curricula vitae;
  • Drafting (ghost-writing) and editing compelling query letters, career-focussed cover letters, and professional letters of recommendation;
  • Preparing a comprehensive and extensive step-by-step working guide to writing non-fiction book proposals (based on specific relevant literature); and
  • Providing feedback and recommendations on professional practice website content (for a practicing psychologist).



I am experienced in editing fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. I also offer my clients uniquely tailored, specialized services, such as conducting research and drafting and organizing content, as needed.

I also worked for almost a decade with the Department of Justice Canada where part of my role was to proofread and edit legal and non-legal text (including memos, papers, opinions, executive summaries, letters, and emails). And, one of my responsibilities in my year of working with the Justice Institute of British Columbia's Centre for Conflict Resolution was to format and edit educational and informational materials; I was also tasked with proofreading the Centre’s annual course calendar faculty biography section. My role in Human Resources and Organization Development at the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia (for just under four years) included proofreading and editing a wide range of HR and Org Dev-related materials, including job postings, organizational policies, staff communications, and much more.

As mentioned above, the practice of writing itself also informs my work as an editor. I have developed my facility with language in part through attending several writing courses, workshops, and programs over the years, and through participating in various interactive and intensive groups with fellow writers.


  • Certificate of Creative Writing, Simon Fraser University (2012)
  • Certificate in Editing, Simon Fraser University (in progress)
  • Bachelor of Arts degree in English, Simon Fraser University (2006)
  • Completed / participated in a wide range of writing and editing courses and workshop

Compétences éditoriales

  • Préparation de copie
  • Mise en page et conception graphique
  • Révision à l’écran
  • Correction d’épreuves
  • Recherche, vérification de données
  • Révision de fond
  • Révision stylistique
  • Rédaction


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