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Barbara Feldman

8 Meadow Larkway
Toronto, ON M2N 5Z8
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Activités de bénévolat pour Réviseurs Canada

  • Section de Toronto (2012)


I'm a Toronto-based editor, researcher and writer. I’ve edited government reports, case studies and white papers on subjects including public transportation, public-private partnerships, energy grids, municipal policing, international trade barriers, infant feeding and leadership development. I edit with general readers in mind, flagging possible problems, eliminating jargon and applying plain-language principles to help my clients effectively communicate complex ideas to nonspecialists.

I edit family histories and memoirs, speculative and science fiction, mystery and romance novels, children’s books and self-help books. I enjoy working with first-time authors—if you send me a page or two of your manuscript I’ll be happy to do a free sample edit and cost estimate for your entire project. I offer competitive rates and can usually take on last-minute assignments. 

As a former craftsperson and small-business owner, I have a special interest in entrepreneurship—in how things are made and ideas are developed. I’ve published articles on making bagpipes and designing modular-component bridges, harvesting wild rice and growing nut trees, starting up a kosher cookie business and developing plastics from potatoes, managing construction noise and fostering diversity on non-profit boards.

I have written travel articles and children’s books that I’ve also illustrated, using fabric appliqué, polymer clay or pen and ink.

My areas of interest not mentioned in the lists below include B2B writing, literary fiction and nonfiction, short stories, science fiction, graphic novels, skeptical inquiry, humour, cuisine, restaurants, food businesses and cooking, family-owned businesses, small businesses, health, medicine, nature, sailing, journalism, newspapers, magazines, journals, trade magazines, diversity, human relations, human rights, female sexuality, feminism, children’s books, children’s issues, Jewish culture, Jewish history, film, fine art (visual art), education, craft, handicraft, construction and building, transportation, heavy construction, how-to, polymer clay, fabric art, blogs.



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