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Anne Brennan, BA, CPE

Allegro Communications

10375 Sandiford Drive
Richmond, BC V7E 5S6
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  • Prix du président (2014)
Réviseur(e) professionnel(le) agréé(e) (RPA)
Réviseur(e) agréé(e) en révision de fond et en stylistique
Réviseur(e) agréé(e) en préparation de copie
Réviseur(e) agréé(e) en correction d'épreuves

Activités de bénévolat pour Réviseurs Canada

  • Agrément (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)
  • Publications (2011, 2014, 2015)
  • Comité de réflexion sur l'amélioration du site web (2012)


I started editing almost as soon as I started reading. I figured out how to get paid for it in 1983.

Today I'm a certified professional editor (CPE), having passed rigorous tests set by the Editors' Association of Canada in structural and stylistic editing, copy editing, and proofreading. I also hold a degree in psychology and anthropology with a minor in English.

My specialties are plain language, educational publishing, technical editing (especially for quilting and sewing publications), website content and construction, magazine editing, and project management.

I’ve supervised a distance-course production department (Simon Fraser University), edited courses (BC Open University/BC Open College; Technical University of British Columbia; Simon Fraser University; Safety Codes Council of Alberta, Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council, QuiltUniversity.com), edited magazines (Easy Living; BC Woman), created original website content (CraftShop.com; SewAndQuilt.com), and built and maintained websites (http://www.skillansafaris.com/, http://www.amblesideorchestra.ca).

I’ve also edited books and edited and/or written corporate and promotional materials and newsletters.

I’m happiest when I’m working on content about sewing or quilting . . . or, better yet, when I’m actually sewing or quilting. I also love playing clarinet and alto sax in various orchestras, concert bands, chamber groups, and musical theatre productions.


Keywords: text, textbook, website, magazine, book, academic material, educational material, sewing, quilting, corporate reports

Compétences éditoriales

  • Acquisitions
  • Préparation de copie
  • Coordination de projet
  • Balisage et codage
  • Révision à l’écran
  • Révision en ligne
  • Langage clair et simple
  • Coordination de la production
  • Référencement
  • Révision de fond
  • Révision stylistique


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  • Publications gouvernementales : général
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