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Catégorie 4 : Affaires et développement de carrière


Affaires et développement de carrière

4a. Creating an effective small-business website 

Emily Dockrill Jones 

Saturday, 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Dockrill Jones

A website can be the small-business owner’s best friend – an advocate that constantly networks and refers clients – but only if it’s done right. This session introduces the three elements of an effective business website (what it should do) and explains techniques for achieving each (how to do it). Participants will also be introduced to some simple, free tools they can use to plan, create, and maintain their own website. 

Emily Dockrill Jones is a former college professor and instructional designer who regularly conducts training sessions for government, non-profit, and private organization.

* * * *

4b. Canadian copyright: The new rules

Christene Hirschfeld, Q.C.

Saturday 11:15 am – 12:15 pm


2012 was a very busy year in the world of Canadian copyright law. The Supreme Court of Canada issued decisions in five copyright cases, and Parliament enacted long-awaited amendments to our Copyright Act. Our attitudes about copyright have been influenced by this, combined with rapid changes in technology and increasing use of social media, and many people have been left wondering where they stand. Is what you’ve been hearing true, or is it urban myth?

Christene Hirschfeld is a partner in Boyne Clarke LLP, a prominent Nova Scotian law firm. Her practice focuses on business, entertainment, and intellectual-property law.

* * * *

4c. Matrix Solutions' in-house editors: Growing the team from 2 to 18 in 10 years

Virginia Durksen & Tara Holmwood

Saturday, 1:15 pm – 2:15 pm



Among its 18 editors, Matrix Solutions has more EAC members than any other organization in Canada. As an environmental consulting firm, Matrix manages every step of the publishing process, from field research through writing, reviewing, and editing to producing paper and electronic copies for a diverse readership. A panel of senior editors will share editing tips we have learned while building an in-house editing team that produces thousands of technical documents.

The panel will include Renette van der Walt, Ronel Colkett, and Jill Phillipon from the Edmonton, Calgary, and Saskatchewan offices.

Virginia Durksen provides training for writers, senior reviewers, and editors at Matrix Solutions, through her company, Visible Ink: Writing @ Work.

Tara Holmwood has worked at Matrix Solutions for over 5 years, as a technical editor and writer.

* * * *

4d. Between the red and the black

Carolyn Burke

Sunday, 9:15 am – 10:15 am


Do you want to earn a better living, whether working in-house or freelancing as an editor? We’ll discuss how to set reasonable rates for your work including negotiating contracts you can live with. We’ll discuss how a professional attitude with clients and colleagues can increase your bottom line. And we’ll crack open financial management: what can you expect to earn, and how can you meet those expectations.

As a successful serial entrepreneur, Carolyn L Burke advises corporate and NGO clients on organizational improvement and strategic long-term growth focusing on financial success and leadership. Her website is www.integrityincorporated.com.


* * * *

4e. Develop and maintain your skills: Volunteering as professional development

Lisa Goodlet & Gael Spivak

Sunday 10:30 am – 11:30 am



Have you ever found yourself looking at a description for a job you’d love, only to notice you’re missing that one crucial skill they’re asking for? Do you find certain skills getting rusty because you don’t apply them regularly? When it comes to getting experience and maintaining skills, volunteering allows you to go further than your paid employment might. This session will explore how you can use volunteer opportunities to further your own professional development.

Lisa Goodlet currently volunteers with EAC, and she was the 2012 conference speaker coordinator. She also volunteers with Girl Guides and Distributed Proofreaders.

Gael Spivak likes to volunteer. For EAC, this includes member chair for the NCR branch, co-chair of conference 2012, and director of volunteer relations. She also volunteers with Not Just Tourists.

* * * *

4f. Painless financial management: Financial stuff you need to know to make money and stay out of trouble

Debi Peverill

 Sunday, 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm


In this interactive session, participants will obtain additional information about three key areas for business owners: improving profitability, increasing cash flow, and minimizing tax penalties and interest. The session will begin with a discussion of techniques, then the review of checklists. These checklists will be an ongoing valuable resource. The goal of the session is to provide financial information in a non-threatening manner and answer participants’ financial questions.

Debi Peverill is a chartered accountant with a sense of humour. She enjoys helping business people avoid financial mistakes and protect themselves from the government and banks. You can find Debi here: http://debipeverill.ca/.


* * * *

4g. ME SPEAK? . . . But I'm an editor!

Adele Simmons

Sunday, 1:45 pm – 2:45 pm


Me Speak? is a low-stress, hands-on, group practicum with mikes and sound system. Have fun as you improve your speaking impact and presentation skills. WORK IT and OWN IT through attitude, deportment, humour, looking good, and trouble-shooting. When you give a speech, teach a workshop, read publicly, emcee, or accept the Tom Fairley Award, you want to present your best at the microphone. Say it with authority, confidence, and flair!

Adele Simmons is a seasoned speaker, editor, and writer, with diverse experience as special educator, college teacher, professional musician, business manager, and project manager.

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