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Session: All About Certification: A Q&A Forum

Speakers: Moira White and Frances Peck

Moira White    Frances Peck

About the session:

Do you have questions about the EAC certification program? Wondering what it’s all about and whether certification is right for you? EAC’s program is the only one of its kind in the world. If you’re trying to decide whether you’re ready to take the tests, looking for tips on how to prepare, or curious about changes planned for the program, please bring your questions to this open forum.

About the speakers:

Moira White is an Ottawa-based editor and teacher with 25 years’ experience. An EAC past president, she serves as director of editorial standards and strongly supports EAC's certification program.

Frances Peck (West Coast Editorial Associates) is an editor, writer, instructor, and long-time EAC member. From 2001 to 2005, she was one of the many volunteers who helped develop the EAC certification program, spending two years as steering committee chair. From 2006 to 2009, she chaired the committee that revised Professional Editorial Standards, the document certification is based on. Frances currently sits on the EAC-BC executive and teaches editing at Simon Fraser University and Douglas College.


Session: Career Mojo at Work: Deceptively Simple Strategies for Times of “Crazy Busy”

Speaker: Eileen Chadnick

Eileen Chadnick

About the session:

Most people want to bring their best to their career and life and be on top of their game: sharp, resourceful, creative—and happy. But sometimes fatigue, stress, heavy loads, or other factors get in the way—especially in times of “crazy busy”.

Career Mojo at Work will highlight key research from the science of positivity and neuroscience and introduce powerful—yet deceptively simple—strategies to bolster one’s potential for better thinking, higher performance, greater resilience, fulfilment, and success in work and life.

About the speaker:

A certified coach, Eileen Chadnick is principal of Big Cheese Coaching in Toronto and author of Ease: Manage Overwhelm in Times of “Crazy Busy”. Eileen is a champion for personal, professional, and organizational success and well-being. She is a regular contributor to The Globe and Mail careers section on topics related to careers, leadership, and well-being. See www.bigcheesecoaching.com and www.EaseRx.com.


Session: e-Merging in Social Media to Win

Speaker: Erin Brenner

Erin Brenner

About the session:

Attendees will learn how to create a professional presence online using the hub-and-spoke model and how to use social media to find and win clients. Topics discussed will include basic jargon and marketing concepts, what is the hub-and-spoke model of marketing yourself online, some of the choices for hubs and resources available to create one, the best choices (social media sites), and what to do on those sites.

About the speaker:

Erin Brenner is the editor of Copyediting newsletter. She has been successfully using social media to promote her freelance business, Right Touch Editing, since 2007.


Session: How to Achieve Financial Security in Your Business and Personal Life

Speaker: Philip Boland

Philip Boland

About the session:

Business and personal financial matters are intertwined. Often, your business will build your personal wealth and contribute to your retirement. In this session, you will learn the most important business investment you can make to protect your business and personal finances from unexpected situations. Your business and personal financial plan should include saving for retirement, investment planning, estate planning, and succession planning. Once you put your financial house in order, you can turn your attention to the future.

About the speaker:

This year marks Philip Boland's 28th year in small business consulting and estate planning. He established Boland & Associates Financial Services in 2005 and is affiliated with HollisWealth Advisory Service Inc., a Scotiabank Company. Phil is a certified financial planner (CFP), certified life insurance agent (CLU), and a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI).


Session: How to Leverage LinkedIn to Showcase Your Editorial Expertise

Speaker: Leslie Hughes

Leslie Hughes

About the session:

Join Leslie Hughes from PUNCH!media as she shares actionable steps to transform your LinkedIn presence. You will learn:

  • why it’s important to create a strong presence on the world’s largest business networking site
  • the two areas you MUST change immediately to make an amazing first impression
  • the key areas to focus on to showcase your editorial accomplishments

About the speaker:

Leslie Hughes is a social media strategist and corporate trainer specializing in LinkedIn. She loves all things media related and thinks all editors have superpowers.


Session: Resumé Strategies for the Online Job Search

Speaker: Pamela Paterson

Pamela Paterson

About the session:

Do you apply for jobs online? Did you know your resumé could be automatically deleted without anybody knowing you applied? Learn the strategies you need to get through online job systems and in front of hiring managers from Pamela Paterson, author of the top-rated Amazon book Get the Job: Optimize Your Resume for the Online Job Search.

In this presentation, participants will learn:

  • practical, hands-on advice about how to transform a “print” resume into an “online” resume
  • how HR staff and recruiters analyze resumes and select candidates
  • proven strategies to navigate the online hiring process and become top-ranked in HR applicant tracking systems

About the speaker:

Pamela Paterson is a college instructor, a mentor, and the author of the top-rated Amazon book Get the Job: Optimize Your Resume for the Online Job Search, and has been teaching resumé strategies to job seekers for over 15 years. For more information, see www.beatresumesystems.com.


Panel : La sous-traitance : options, occasions et risques (atelier pour réviseurs chevronnés et atelier bilingue) / Subcontracting: Options, Opportunities, and Risks (senior editor and bilingual session)

Modérateur / Moderator: Michelle Boulton

Michelle Boulton

Panélistes / Panellists: Elizabeth d'Anjou, Elizabeth Macfie et Carolyne Roy

Elizabeth d'Anjou    Elizabeth Macfie    Carolyne Roy

À propos du panel / About the panel:

Une des aspirations des pigistes est de s’associer à d’autres pigistes dans le but de s’attaquer à des projets de plus grande envergure ou d’aider à gérer la charge de travail en période de plus forte demande. Si vous avez de tels projets, vous aurez besoin de savoir comment vous y prendre pour démarrer et assurer une gestion efficace de votre modèle d’affaires. Les sujets à explorer comprennent les suivants :

  • Le bon moment pour faire appel à la sous-traitance
  • La bonne façon de sélectionner les membres de votre équipe
  • Comment gérer les attentes
  • Quoi faire lorsque tout ne tourne pas rond

Among freelancers, a common aspiration is to partner with other freelancers to take on bigger projects or to help with overload during busy periods. If that is your plan, you need to know how to get started and how to manage your new business model successfully. Topics that may be explored include:

  • when it makes sense to outsource
  • how to select your team
  • how to manage expectations
  • what to do when things don’t go as planned

Au sujet du modérateur / About the moderator:

Michelle Boulton est à la tête d’une équipe talentueuse de professionnels de la communication (rédacteurs, réviseurs, traducteurs et graphistes) qui produisent de tout, qu’il s’agisse de revues, de bulletins de nouvelles, de livres, de manuels de formation ou de rapports.

Michelle Boulton leads a team of talented communication professional (writers, editors, translators, and designers) who produce everything from magazines and newsletters to books, training manuals, and reports.

Au sujet des panélistes / About the panellists:

Elizabeth Macfie collabore avec d’autres pigistes en sous-traitance dans le cadre de projets d’indexage et de révision en anglais et en français depuis 1996, pour des clients du gouvernement et en entreprise.

Elizabeth Macfie has subcontracted English and French editing and indexing projects to and from other freelancers since 1996 for government and business clients.

Elizabeth d’Anjou has 20 years of experience as a freelance editor with a diverse clientele, from publishers to government departments to non-profit agencies. She also teaches editing for Ryerson University.

Carolyne Roy has been a translator, editor, and proofreader since 1996. She leads teams of up to four freelancers for a variety of translation projects, both large and small.


Session: Enlighten Others—and Get Paid for it: How to Launch and Run a Training Business

Speaker: Graham Young

Graham Young

About the session:

Ever consider a career as a business trainer? This session will provide you with insights into the profession and help you take the first step to developing and teaching workshops and courses. You’ll discover a trainer’s most important quality (do you have it?) and gain some excellent tips for preparing and delivering successful workshops to adult learners.

About the speaker:

Graham Young is a trainer, writer, and editor with 31 years of business communications experience.

Since May 2000, Graham has conducted more than 500 writing and public-speaking workshops, accumulating some 5,000 classroom hours and helping approximately 6,000 adults communicate more effectively at work. Participants typically rate his seminars as either “very good” or “excellent.”

A member of the Editors’ Association of Canada, Graham began writing professionally in 1983 and held staff marketing jobs with Canderel Limited, Telesat Canada, and Stentor Resource Centre Inc. up to 1998. He started his freelance writing and editing business in 1993 (working full-time after 1998) and since then has written and edited for more than 40 companies, government departments, and not-for-profit organizations.

Graham has taught Business English at the University of Ottawa and also performed as master of ceremonies at various public functions and corporate conferences. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Carleton University and a Master of Business Administration degree from University of Ottawa.


Atelier : Gagnez plus en donnant de votre temps / Session: Earn More by Working for Free

Animatrices / Speakers: Jacqueline Dinsmore, Carolyn L Burke et Sophie Pallota

Jacquie Dinsmore    Carolyn Burke    Sophie Pallota

À propos de l'atelier / About the session:

Why on Earth does EAC reserve volunteering as a membership benefit? Are we crazy? It’s because volunteering can teach you to:

  • manage budgets better
  • diplomatically negotiate contracts and opportunities
  • build a nest egg
  • hone time and project management skills
  • juggle multiple clients
  • raise your rates reasonably so you can earn more
  • skillfully delegate or outsource in a timely fashion
  • promote and communicate your business

We’re not as crazy as you think!

Network with other career-focused keeners on the track to success: Make volunteering part of your business plan. Hear from EAC’s president, EAC’s executive director, and one of EAC’s volunteers about why EAC has made volunteering our highest priority! Great for new and seasoned volunteers and for everyone interested in volunteering.

Mais pourquoi donc est-ce que l’ACR réserve le bénévolat à ses membres inscrits? Sommes-nous fous?

Mais, voyons, c’est parce que le bénévolat peut vous apprendre beaucoup. Par exemple :

  • comment gérer un budget da manière plus efficace;
  • comment négocier contrats et occasions avec tact;
  • comment vous constituer un bas de laine;
  • comment raffiner vos habiletés de gestion de temps et de projets;
  • comment jongler de multiples clients à la fois;
  • comment vous y prendre pour hausser vos tarifs;
  • comment déléguer ou faire appel à la sous-traitance au bon moment;
  • comment promouvoir votre entreprise.

Moins fou que vous l’auriez cru!

Apprenez comment vous engager sur la voie de la réussite par des échanges judicieux avec d’autres professionnels; incluez le bénévolat à votre plan d’entreprise.

Joignez-vous à la présidente, la directrice générale et une bénévole de l’ACR pour discuter des raisons pour lesquelles le bénévolat constitue la priorité de l’association! Bienvenue à tous les réviseurs, peu importe leur expérience, et à toute personne intéressée à devenir bénévole.

À propos des l’animatrices / About the speakers :

J'ai amorcé ma vie professionnelle comme organisatrice d'activités, surtout filmographiques, ce qui m'a permis de voyager énormément. Ma deuxième carrière m'a transportée sur les plateaux de cinéma, ce qui me donne aujourd'hui d'alléchantes histoires à raconter lorsqu'on m'invite à souper. Ma troisième carrière me ramène à mes origines en révision, en rédaction et en traduction à titre de pigiste, ce qui me permet de faire ce que je veux, là où je veux. J'ai adhéré à l'ACR en 2001, je me suis impliquée dans l'organisation de six de ses congrès et j'ai coprésidé celui de Montréal en 2010. J'ai d'abord siégé au conseil d'administration national comme membre extraordinaire, puis comme directrice du perfectionnement professionnel et, récemment, comme vice-présidente, travaillant avec plusieurs comités et groupes de travail.

Jacqueline’s first career was as a film and event organizer, which allowed her to travel extensively. Her second was working on film shoots, which has given her lots of great stories to dine out on. She is now in her third career and back to her roots editing, writing, and translating on a freelance basis, which allows her to do what she wants, where she wants. She joined EAC in 2001, co-chaired the 2010 conference in Montreal and has been involved with six EAC conferences. She has been on the NEC as MAL, Director of Training and Development and most recently as Vice-President, working with a number of committees and task forces.

Entrepreneure prospère, Carolyn L. Burke œuvre auprès d’entreprises et d’organisations non gouvernementales pour les conseiller dans leur stratégie de croissance à long terme, portant une attention particulière au succès financier et à la direction. Integrity Incorporated offre une gamme complète de services d’expertise de gestion. Pour de plus amples détails, veuillez consulter les sites suivants :

  • integrityincorporated.com
  • iguanabooks.com
  • carolyn.org

As a successful serial entrepreneur, Carolyn L Burke advises corporate and NGO clients on organizational improvement and strategic long-term growth focusing on financial success and leadership. Integrity Incorporated offers a full range of management consulting services. Further information can be found at:

  • integrityincorporated.com
  • iguanabooks.com
  • carolyn.org

Traductrice et réviseure, membre de l'ACR depuis 2012, Sophie cumule plus de vingt années d'expérience de travail dans une variété de domaines.

A translator and editor, as well as a member of EAC since 2012, Sophie Pallotta has more than 20 years of work experience in a variety of areas.


Atelier : Le point sur l’Agrément de l’ACR

Animatrice : Sandra Gravel

Sandra Gravel

À propos de l'atelier :

Vous souhaitez en apprendre davantage sur l’avancement des travaux en regard de la création du Programme d’agrément de l’ACR? Soyez présent à la session animée par Sandra Gravel, présidente du Comité Agrément/Principes.

Au menu :

  • Mise en contexte
  • État de la situation
  • Objectifs à court terme et à long terme
  • Période de discussion

À propos de l’animatrice :

Sandra Gravel est réviseure et rédactrice agréée. Elle est aussi formatrice en rédaction administrative. Anciennement membre du Conseil d’administration national de l’ACR, Sandra dirige maintenant les travaux du Comité Agrément/Principes. Elle est membre agréée de la Société québécoise de la rédaction professionnelle et membre du Conseil d’administration de l’Association des femmes entrepreneures de Québec.


The Taxation of Income Earned from the Provision of Creative Services: An Overview

Speakers: Thomas Bang and Jason Simon

Thomas Bang    Jason Simon

About the session:

This session will provide an overview of tax implications for creative service providers, including:

  • the difference between income earned from employment and income earned from a business
  • the deductibility of expenses
  • home office expenses
  • incorporating versus operating as a sole proprietor
  • HST/GST issues and implications
  • expenditures relating to intellectual property

About the speakers:

Thomas Bang and Jason Simon are tax managers from BDO Canada LLP’s Toronto office. They specialize in Canadian tax and have experience in owner-managed businesses and sole proprietorships.


Not-So-Senior Editors: A Q&A for Beginners (open drop-in)

Speaker: Janet MacMillan

Janet MacMillan

About the session:

Are you new to the editing profession—maybe even still looking for your first paid editing gig? If so, you probably have questions like “How do I get work?” “What should I charge?” and “Which dictionaries or style guides do I need?” This forum is the place to get the answers! Experienced editor Janet MacMillan will share her expertise and facilitate discussion. Grab your lunch and drop on in—the forum is open, so you can come and go as you please.

About the speaker:

After 20 years as a lawyer, Janet MacMillan has over a decade of editorial experience specializing in law, social sciences, humanities, and business books, articles and conference papers for academic presses, academics, researchers, students, NGOs, and think tanks.


Session: The No-Year Plan

Speaker: David Hayes

David Hayes

About the session:

As every career counsellor will tell you, a personal business plan helps you plot your career path. It lets you consider your options and develop a strategy for the future based on factors such as the economy, the state of your industry, your abilities, and your financial and personal goals. In this talk, David Hayes will explain why you don’t need one.

About the speaker:

David Hayes is an award-winning freelance journalist, author, and editor. His articles, essays, and reviews have appeared in publications such as Toronto Life, Reader’s Digest, The Walrus, Chatelaine, The Globe and Mail, and The New York Times Magazine. He has written three nonfiction books and is in demand as both an editor and a ghostwriter in the book publishing industry. He teaches in the University of King’s College’s MFA in Creative Nonfiction program and in Ryerson University’s G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Studies.


Sponsored Session: Financial Planning for the Professional Editor

This session is sponsored by Oran Boyle of Investors Group

Speaker: Oran Boyle

Oran Boyle

About the session:

This session will include:

  • benefits of sole proprietorship vs. incorporation and limited liability
  • errors and omissions coverage and what it does and doesn’t cover
  • the three Ds of tax planning
  • do I really need a personal benefit plan?
  • does my plan incorporates tax, estate, insurance, and retirement planning

About the speaker:

Oran J. Boyle is a financial planner who is focused on holistic financial and estate-planning services with access to a full suite of investment, insurance, banking, and lending solutions. Oran has been helping editors across Canada negotiate the ever-changing financial landscape.


Mentorat éclair / Speed Mentoring

Mentors : Gael Spivak, Marie-Lynn Hammond, Lisa Jemison, Elizabeth Macfie, Greg Ioannou, Rachel Stuckey et Sandra Sandra Gravel

Gael Spivak    Marie-Lynn Hammond    Lisa Jemison    Elizabeth Macfie    Greg Ioannou    Rachel Stuckey    Sandra Gravel

À propos de l'atelier / About the session :

Le mentorat éclair est une occasion parfaite pour obtenir les conseils d’un expert et le point de vue de réviseurs chevronnés. Offrez-vous une rencontre individuelle de 15 minutes avec un réviseur réputé de l’ACR!

Speed mentoring is a terrific opportunity to get expert advice and fresh perspectives from experienced editors. Meet one-on-one with a highly regarded EAC member for a 15-minute consultation.

If you'd like to sign up for speed mentoring, please send an email to conference.speakers@editors.ca with “Speed Mentoring” in the subject line. In your email, please provide a brief description of your background and experience, and indicate any topics or areas of concern you’d like to talk to our mentors about. Please also tell us if there is a particular speed mentor you’d like to meet with. Deadline for speed mentor sign-up is May 23.

À propos des mentors / About the mentors :

Gael Spivak works in communications, including writing and editing, for the federal government and specializes in plain language writing and editing (for science and regulations).

For nearly 20 years Marie-Lynn Hammond has edited everything from UN documents to trade non-fiction, novels, and poetry. In a parallel universe she’s a songwriter.

Lisa Jemison is an assistant managing editor, and rights and permissions coordinator for University of Toronto Press. She previously worked for Ontario’s Ministry of Education.

Elizabeth Macfie has built a successful editorial business, much of it through personal contacts. She has been presenting on the topic of networking since 2007.

Greg has been a freelance editor since 1977, and has edited more than 3,000 books, as well as board games, government documents, websites, and bumper stickers.

Rachel Stuckey is a freelance editor and writer and long-time EAC volunteer who has spent the last two years travelling the world while maintaining her Toronto-based freelance business. She specializes in educational publishing and dabbles in travel writing, and books for young readers.

Sandra Gravel est réviseure et rédactrice agréée. Elle est aussi formatrice en rédaction administrative. Anciennement membre du Conseil d’administration national de l’ACR, Sandra dirige maintenant les travaux du Comité Agrément/Principes. Elle est membre agréée de la Société québécoise de la rédaction professionnelle et membre du Conseil d’administration de l’Association des femmes entrepreneures de Québec.