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Comptes rendus



Alternatives to Editing: Working on a Self-Publisher’s Budget

Vanessa Ricci-Thode

The Many Ps of Book Marketing

Beth Kallman Werner

Langues et langage

That Crepuscular Light: Metaphor and Ornamental Language in News Writing

John McIntyre

When to Use Bad English

James Harbeck

Marchés inattendus

Earning “Bread & Butter” Money in Canada 150 Project

Harry van Bommel

How and What to Edit in Visuals Accompanying Text

Cheryl Stephens, Adrienne Montgomerie

Outils de révision

The Dictionary as Data

Peter Sokolowski

Pratiques de révision

Inclusive Editing: Beyond Political Correctness

Sarah Grey

Low Literacy Adults Read, Too! How to Edit for Them

Debra Isabel Huron

Taming the Beast: Effectively Restructuring Online Policies and Processes

Trilby Henderson

Triage Editing: What to Edit if You Have 3 Minutes, 3 Hours, 3 Days or 3 Weeks

Teresa Schmedding, Karen Martwick

Pratiques en affaires

Clear Communication by Design: An Editor’s Guide to Effective Documents

Michelle Boulton

Hiring Other Freelancers: Expanding Your Business with Colleagues

Carol Fisher Saller, Laura Poole et Janet MacMillan

No, the Law Does Not (Normally) Require Legalese

Joseph Kimble

Volet de la PWAC

Spice Up Your Storytelling with Statistics

Laura Laing


Networking Tool: Honing Your Elevator Speech

Laura Poole

Using Social Media: Making Connections, Building Communities

Katharine O’Moore-Klopf, Brendan O’Brien, Gael Spivak et Stacey Atkinson


Editor as Advocate: Plain Language and Social Justice

Iva Cheung

La révision à l’international

Game of Words: The Role of Editorial Services and Press Operations

Sam Corea, Andrew Tzembelicos