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Liste des conférenciers


Ces membres de Réviseurs Canada sont disposés à parler de la profession de réviseur et de la révision en général lors d'activités organisées par d'autres associations ou groupes. Il suffit de communiquer directement avec eux afin de prendre les arrangements nécessaires.

Les profils de nos conférenciers sont présentés en ordre alphabétique par nom de famille. L'aperçu géographique suivant vous permet de trouver rapidement les conférenciers de votre région. Toutefois, certains conférenciers indiquent dans la catégorie « Disponibilités » qu'ils sont prêts à se déplacer, moyennant le remboursement des frais de déplacement.

Kelowna, Arlene Prunkl
Vancouver, Frances Peck
Vancouver, Ruth Wilson

Lethbridge, Elizabeth McLachlan

Ottawa, Gael Spivak
Toronto, James Harbeck

Halifax, donalee Moulton


James Harbeck

Date : 17 décembre 2010

Nom : James Harbeck
Courriel : james@harbeck.ca
Site Web : http://www.harbeck.ca/James/jhhome.htm
Tél. : 416 873-7324

James lives in downtown Toronto and does not have a car. He is available evenings and weekends. Advance notice is necessary; the farther in advance, the better.

James is a popular presenter at Editors Canada conferences and meetings and has also given presentations on editing to classes at Ryerson and Centennial College. He has taught university-level courses at Tufts University and Emerson College.

He has presented and written on a variety of topics, including: linguistics, English usage and history, desktop publishing and layout, and building an editorial career.

James is the senior medical editor at MediResource Inc., which provides web-based health information. He is one of the Editors Canada's most respected authorities on English grammar and a publishing "triple threat": he writes, edits and does layout and design.

James has an extensive academic background in linguistics and publishes a blog, Sesquiotica, which features daily word tasting notes.

James has a solid background in the theatre (BFA, MA, PhD). He is an avid runner and has been involved in choral singing for many years.


Elizabeth McLachlan

Date : 2 mai 2011

Nom : Elizabeth McLachlan
Courriel : elizabeth.m@live.ca
Tél. : 403 892-0572

Elizabeth lives in Lethbridge, Alberta, and is willing to visit any community between Calgary and the US border. She has her own vehicle; with enough notice she can usually accommodate any schedule.

As a long-time member of Toastmasters International, Elizabeth has considerable speaking experience. She tailors her presentations for every audience, using her advanced communication and leadership skills and offering information and insights as both author and editor.

An Editors Canada member since 2007, Elizabeth has been editing and mentoring aspiring writers since 1999. She has worked with Brindle & Glass Publishing, TouchWood Editions, and Heritage House Publishing—all award-winning literary presses. She also has numerous private clients. Currently Elizabeth is studying to become a Certified Professional Editor.

Elizabeth recently completed her fourth book. Previously published books focus on prairie history and culture. Her work has appeared in several western Canadian publications and she regularly contributes to the University of Lethbridge Faculty of Education magazine. Elizabeth has served on literary juries and has twice been a writer-in-residence. She is a touring artist with the Young Alberta Book Society and a Writers Guild of Alberta member.

Elizabeth has cultivated a lifelong interest in the fine arts with an emphasis on the performing arts, particularly theatre and dance. She is an avid and eclectic reader.


donalee Moulton

Date : 5 janvier 2011

Nom : donalee Moulton
Courriel : quantum@eastlink.ca
Site Web : http://www.quantumcommunications.ca
Tél. : 902 443-9600

donalee is available to travel as needed. Based in Nova Scotia, she has easy access to the Maritimes.

donalee is a professional speaker, educator and trainer. For the past 25 years, donalee has developed and facilitated courses for Saint Mary's University's Executive and Professional Development program. These include: Business Writing Skills; Strategic Communication for Government Professionals; Communications Materials: Advocacy and Fundraising; Writing Effective Policies and Procedures; Essentials of Professional Writing and Editing; Writing to Inform and Engage Employees; and Grammar, Punctuation and Proofreading Boot Camp.

donalee has also facilitated programs for the Learning Centre Plus, which offers professional development services for public servants. donalee has provided courses on the Basics of Communication, Technical Writing, Writing for Work, Effective Oral Presentations and Working with the Media.

In addition, she conducts programs for the Nova Scotia Public Service Commission's Professional Development Program, including a program on running effective meetings and avoiding miscommunications.

donalee is the owner of Quantum Communications, a full-service public relations and training firm based in Halifax. She provides clients across Canada and beyond with a range of PR services, including editorial, media relations, government relations, crisis communications and communications planning.

donalee is a professional journalist; her byline has appeared in more than 100 magazines and newspapers.


Frances Peck

Date : 17 décembre 2010

Nom : Frances Peck
Courriel : fpeck@shaw.ca
Site Web : http://www.westcoasteditors.com
Tél. : 604 998-1191

Frances is happy to travel to any part of the globe. Invite her to travel to Europe, and she'll have her bags packed within the week.

Frances is an editing instructor at Douglas College and Simon Fraser University in Vancouver and previously taught at the University of Ottawa. She has spoken about editing at national conferences, and her workshops are in demand across Canada.

Frances is a Vancouver-based partner with West Coast Editorial Associates and has been writing and editing for the past 20 years. Based in Ottawa until 2005, she has worked with many federal departments and national associations. Frances edits at all levels but particularly enjoys copy editing and rewriting for clarity. Peck's English Pointers, a collection of articles spanning English grammar, punctuation, usage and clarity, is available online at http://termiumplus.gc.ca/site/termium.php?lang=eng&cont=055.

Frances is a long-time member of the Editors' Association of Canada and has volunteered for the association in a number of capacities, including chairing two national committees. She is also a member of the Plain Language Association International (PLAIN).


Arlene Prunkl

Date : 16 novembre 2010

Nom : Arlene Prunkl
Courriel : info@penultimateword.com
Tél. : 778 478-0877

Arlene lives in Kelowna, British Columbia, and is available to speak in the Okanagan region. She will consider speaking engagements in the Vancouver area if scheduling permits.

Arlene loves to educate audiences on the importance of editing and the intricacies of self-publishing. Since her days doing pre-concert talks for the Vancouver Symphony and the Vancouver Opera, Arlene has honed her speaking skills. She has given presentations alongside self-publishing guru Dan Poynter and at the Infinity Publishing author's conference in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, the Toad River Writers' Retreat near Fort Nelson, British Columbia, and the Puerto Vallarta Writers' Conference.

Since 2002, Arlene has edited almost 100 books, including both fiction and non-fiction. Topics include biographies, memoirs, history, science, travel, self-help, books for teens and children, niche genres and lots of fiction. In addition to freelance editing, for two years she worked in the publications department of a particle physics lab. She was later the editorial proofreader at the respected weekly newspaper Business in Vancouver and its subsidiary special publications. She has worked on numerous corporate projects, including newsletters, grant proposals, marketing materials and websites.

Arlene Prunkl is a freelance editor and an active member of the Editors' Association of Canada.


Gael Spivak

Date : 18 janvier 2011

Nom : Gael Spivak
Courriel : gspivak@gmail.com
Tél. : 613 773-5426

Gael is available to speak in the NCR (Ottawa–Gatineau) region, but uses public transit, so arrangements will need to be made for transportation to locations not easily accessible by bus. She can speak in the evenings or on weekends, or—with sufficient lead time to arrange for a substitute at her workplace—during the day. Rates are negotiable, but Gael will volunteer her time for Editors Canada functions.

Gael has a special interest in plain language and has spoken on writing and editing at the 2009 Editors Canada conference and at Mount Royal University in Calgary. She also leads discussions on plain language and editing with offices of the federal government.

Gael Spivak is an English-language editor for the federal government. In 1988, she earned a Master of Arts degree in religious studies from the University of Calgary. She worked in bookstores for many years, maintaining her writing and editing skills through volunteer work.

Since moving to Ottawa in 2000, Gael has worked in government communications as both a contractor and an employee. She has written and edited documents on a range of topics, including animal health, biotechnology, ethics and government, food safety, pandemic influenza, plant health, police research and road salts. Gael developed, implemented and continues to lead a plain language project at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, where she specializes in plain language editing. She also coordinated speech writing for two-and-a-half years, working with senior government officials and a minister's office.

Gael is an active member of the Editors' Association of Canada and serves on the executive of the NCR branch. She also does volunteer work with Not Just Tourists – Ottawa, a non-profit organization that helps travellers deliver medicine and medical supplies to countries in need.


Ruth Wilson

Date : 4 juillet 2013

Name: Ruth Wilson
Email: r.e.r.wilson@shaw.ca
Website: http://www.westcoasteditors.com
Tel: 604 996-2483

Ruth is available to speak at almost any time in the Greater Vancouver area or Vancouver Island, or anywhere else in Canada or the U.S. with suitable notice. Her fee is negotiable.

Ruth is an experienced editor and instructor.  She teaches at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver and frequently offers customized workshops for private enterprises. She is an accomplished public speaker on plain language, editing as a career, and editing and proofreading skills. She has also taught public speaking to adults.

Ruth is a Vancouver-based partner with West Coast Editorial Associates and has been editing for over 30 years. She was managing editor at Self-Counsel Press for several years, overseeing the editorial program and training and managing the production team. She has expertise in plain language editing for professional associations (legal, medical, accounting), and in managing the publication process. She is also a tutor of distance-learning writing courses for several international agencies, and she has edited several documents on development and distance learning.

Ruth is a long-time member of the Editors' Association of Canada and has participated on several volunteer national committees, including serving as chair of the Certification Steering Committee. She is also a member of the Plain Language Association International (PLAIN). When her personal pursuits and passions of classical music, playing soccer, and politics intersect with paying work, life is especially fine!


Cette liste de conférenciers a été composée par Deborah Lawson, Penny McKinlay et Jennie Ramstad, toutes trois bénévoles et membres de Réviseurs Canada.