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Depuis 1979, Réviseurs Canada offre une formation locale de haute qualité aux réviseurs à toutes les étapes de leur carrière. Il est désormais possible de se perfectionner en ligne grâce aux webinaires de Réviseurs Canada.

Calendrier des webinaires – 2016-2017 | Information sur l'inscription | Webinaires déjà offerts

Calendrier des webinaires de Réviseurs Canada – 2016-2017



27 avril : A Linguist's Guide to Grammar

Date : Le jeudi 27 avril
Heure : 14 h, HAE / 11 h, HAP
Durée : 1,5 heure
Langue : Anglais
Tarif des membres : 56,25 $
Tarif des non-membres : 75 $
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What you learned in English class will help you with syntax about as much as what you learned in driving lessons will help you with mechanics—you get by fine until one day you find yourself stopped in the middle of a sentence with smoke coming out from under the hood. In this webinar, we're going to learn how to take apart sentences the way a mechanic takes apart an engine.

The key learning objectives of this webinar are to

  • diagram sentences the way linguists do—accurately and elegantly,
  • learn about the building blocks of syntax,
  • clear up some common misunderstandings about verbs, nouns, and pronouns, and
  • dismantle and fix some of the most common mistakes people make when trying to apply “proper grammar.”


 James Harbeck

James Harbeck is a linguist, editor, and well-known writer and speaker on language. His articles appear regularly on websites such as TheWeek.com and BBC.com as well as on his own blog, Sesquiotica.
Twitter : @sesquiotic


3 mai : Techniques de révision après traduction

Date : Le mercredi 3 mai
Heure : midi, HAE / 9 h, HAP
Durée : 1,5 heure
Langue : Français
Tarif des membres : 56,25 $
Tarif des non-membres : 75 $
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Ce webinaire portera sur les particularités de la révision de textes traduits. Les principaux objectifs d'apprentissage de ce webinaire sont

  • la cohérence de l'anglais au français,
  • les principaux éléments à surveiller lors de la révision de textes traduits (p. ex., la ponctuation, la syntaxe, les anglicismes, etc.) 


 Aude Gwendoline est titulaire d'un doctorat en traduction. Elle compte plus de 13 ans d'expérience en tant que traductrice et réviseure de langue française. Jusqu'à maintenant, elle a traduit près de 80 romans pour des maisons d'édition parisiennes. 
Twitter : @SolationsCan


25 mai : What's Wrong with This Sentence?

Date : Le jeudi 25 mai
Heure : 14 h, HAE / 11 h, HAP
Durée : 1,5 heure
Langue : Anglais
Tarif des membres : 56,25 $
Tarif des non-membres : 75 $
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Correct usage of language is paramount to effective communication. The education system —from primary through post-secondary—does not offer students the tools needed for communicating effectively, whether verbally or in writing. The webinar is based on a workshop that was originally developed for the Canadian Authors' Association national conference, and has since been presented to numerous groups, from university professors to public relations experts to journalists. It returns to the basics of Language: when and how to use “me,” “myself,” and “I”; clarifying appropriate adjectives and adverbs such as effective versus affective; avoiding split infinitives; the possessive apostrophe versus the contractive apostrophe; and dangling modifiers, among many other common usage issues.

The key concept of the webinar is that participants will gain (or possibly regain) a sense of the importance of correct usage of grammar and punctuation in the written and spoken word.


 Melanie Scott

Melanie Scott is freelance writer and the editor of the Low Down to Hull and Back News, an award-winning community newspaper based in Wakefield, QC.


Du 10 au 16 juillet : Série d'été : Almost Everything You Need to Know about Copy Editing and Grammar Skills

Il sera bientôt possible de s'inscrire à ce webinaire en plusieurs parties.

This series will include three short grammar lessons; those bits and pieces—quotations, lists, parentheses and brackets, and ellipsis dots; capitalization; hyphenation; confidence with commas, semicolons, and colons; number style in text; copy editing essentials, and communicating with the author.


 Kathryn Dean

Kathryn Dean has edited and project-managed a wide variety of trade, educational, and corporate publications, including books by Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Robert Bateman, Mary Lou Finlay, Mordecai Richler, Terry O'Reilly, and Maude Barlow. She also teaches Ryerson University's Copy Editing for Books, Journals, and Reports and is a winner of the Editors Canada Tom Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence.


Information sur l'inscription

Attention : l'inscription se fait en deux étapes. 

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