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Depuis 1979, Réviseurs Canada offre une formation locale de haute qualité aux réviseurs à toutes les étapes de leur carrière. Il est désormais possible de se perfectionner en ligne grâce aux webinaires de Réviseurs Canada.

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Calendrier des webinaires de Réviseurs Canada – 2017-2018

What Can Macros Do For You?
Formateur : Paul Beverley
Date : Wednesday, October 18
Heure : 2 p.m., EDT / 11 a.m., PDT
Durée : 1.5 hours
Langue : English
Level : Introductory
Tarif des membres : $59.50
Tarif des non-membres : $85
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According to Google, macros are "a series of commands and instructions that you group together as a single command to accomplish a task automatically."

But that's way too narrow a definition. Microsoft Word macros are better described as "apps" and, like phone apps, macros do many different tasks. In this session, we'll look at what macros can do for editors.

  • Starting from an understanding of what we're trying to achieve as editors, we'll look at where and how macros can help to
    • identify inconsistencies early,
    • clear nitty-gritty errors by using automated find and replace, and
    • put markers in the text to point out potential problems to check as we read.
  • We'll look at a typical style sheet and see how macros can help us populate it.
  • We'll see what a macro looks like and how you can load one into your computer.
  • We'll get a feel for the wide range of different macros available for the various parts of an editor's job.

The session will aim to motivate you either to get started using macros or to help you see just what is possible with Microsoft Word macros.

After 20 years of editing, typesetting, proofreading and distributing his own monthly computer magazine, Paul Beverley started freelance proofreading, and then editing. He discovered Visual Basic and realized that even with his limited programming skill he could write computer programs (macros) to speed up the editing task. Ten years later, he has a bank of over 550 macros that he offers free to fellow editors via the internet, and he travels around the world (virtually and actually) offering these powerful tools to others. At age 69, he says, "This is the most satisfying job I've had in my whole career–editing is such an enjoyable process, especially when macros enable a faster and more effective job."



When to Use Bad English
Formateur : James Harbeck
Date : Saturday, October 28
Heure : 12 p.m., EDT / 9 a.m., PDT
Durée : 1 hour
Langue : English
Level : Introductory
Tarif des membres : $42
Tarif des non-membres : $60
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Is grammatical propriety your highest priority? Do you abhor rude language? Perhaps it's time to think different and ask what you should really give a damn about. Our job as editors is to make sure the text has the best effect on the intended audience. Sometimes that means breaking rules because the rules we're used to aren't the right rules for the game at hand. Let's look at what works when and why.

As a result of attending this session, attendees will have a more fully informed pragmatic understanding of applying and breaking the rules and standards of English for best effect.

James Harbeck has an MA in linguistics and 20 years of experience as an editor. He is well known for his presentations and articles on language.

Twitter: @sesquiotic


Information sur l'inscription

Attention : l'inscription se fait en deux étapes. 

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  2. Une fois votre paiement accepté, vous recevrez un courriel de confirmation. Ce courriel contient les directives pour terminer votre inscription sur le site Zoom.us (notre hôte). N'oubliez pas d'effectuer cette deuxième étape sur Zoom.us afin de terminer votre inscription. Une fois votre inscription faite, vous verrez votre lien unique vers le webinaire. Vous pouvez copier ce lien, mais vous recevrez également un courriel de rappel contenant tous les détails de votre webinaire, un jour à l'avance.

Les membres des organismes suivants sont admissibles à une réduction de leurs frais d’inscription; ils ont, en effet, droit aux mêmes tarifs que les membres de Réviseurs Canada.

  • Conseil des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes du Canada
  • Editorial Freelancers Association
  • Institute of Professional Editors Limited
  • The Society for Editing
  • Society for Editors and Proofreaders Ltd

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