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Victoria Bell

Ottawa, ON K1S 5S8


  • Réviseur(e) professionnel(le) agréé(e) (RPA) (2013)
  • Réviseur(e) agréé(e) en révision de fond (2013)
  • Réviseur(e) agréé(e) en stylistique (2012)
  • Réviseur(e) agréé(e) en préparation de copie (2009)
  • Réviseur(e) agréé(e) en correction d'épreuves (2010)

Activités de bénévolat pour Réviseurs Canada

  • Agrément (2015)


Certified Professional Editor + fiction writer = editor who wants to help you with your fiction!

Literary fiction, fantasy, romance, thriller, or science fiction -- whatever it is, bring it on. Over the last 22 years, I've worked with dozens of authors to polish up their work, whether it's for self-publishing or submitting to agents or publishers. 

Because I'm a writer too (I hold an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia and a graduate certificate in Creative Writing from Humber College, and I'm represented by the Donald Maass Literary Agency, NYC), I'm heartily aware of, and very sympathetic to, the special challenges of writing novels and short stories. I'm committed to retaining your writing voice and style while helping you express yourself. I can hold whole worlds in my head, which helps me tackle your plot, characterization, and structure issues, and then drill down to grapple with the nitty-gritty of stylistic and copy-editing.

I'll also gladly accept your work in other genres, of course! I edit in numerous fields (such as the biological sciences, pharmaceuticals, ophthalmology, mining and geology, artificial intelligence, and health care) and work on all types of material (e.g., journal articles, dissertations, theses, website text, reports, and full-length non-fiction). 

Feel free to email me with any questions. Or find me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/BellLettres

Compétences éditoriales

  • Canadianisation
  • Consultation et évaluation de manuscrit
  • Préparation de copie
  • Révision de traductions
  • Révision à l’écran
  • Correction d’épreuves
  • Recherche, vérification de données
  • Réécriture
  • Révision de fond
  • Révision stylistique
  • Traduction, autres langues
  • Rédaction


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